A Study to Assess the Knowledge on Iron Deficiency Anemia among Reproductive Age Group (20-45 Year) Women in Selected Rural Area of Lucknow


Young Nurses Journal of Research. October 2021, 1(1), 24-28

Laxmi Shukla1,Dimpal Singh2,Ranjeet Kumar2, Sabiya Khatoon2, Saraswati Sah2, Saumya Singh2, Shaheen Bano2, Shekhar Tiwari2

Associate Professor, St. Mary's College of Nursing-Lucknow

Bsc Nursing Interns, St. Mary's College of Nursing- Lucknow 

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Background of the study: Anemia continues to be a major public health problem in developing countries including India. It is the most common cause of malnutrition in the world and is the eighth leading cause of diseases in girls and women in developing counties. About one third of the global population is anemic (WHO 2010) [1]. Knowledge regarding the causes, prevention and management of iron deficiency among reproductive age women plays an important role in reducing the mortality and morbidity rates. The aim of this study is to assess the knowledge regarding iron deficiency anemia among reproductive age group women.

Methodology: By using descriptive survey design, 50 women who met the criteria were selected by purposive sampling technique. Structured questionnaire was used to gather the data Data were analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics.

Results: Findings shows that 6% of reproductive age group women had inadequate level of knowledge regarding anemia, 72% had moderate level of knowledge and 22% of them had adequate level of knowledge.

Conclusion: Overall findings of this study revealed that knowledge on iron deficiency anemia was inadequate among reproductive age group women. There is a need to improve the health care services, facilities and more importantly knowledge among the women on topics related to anemia and its prevention.  

Keywords: Anemia, Iron Deficiency, Knowledge, Reproductive age group women

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