A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge on Breast Cancer among Female Students in Selected Colleges of Lucknow


Young Nurses Journal of Research. October 2021, 1(1), 19-23

M Surseh1, Anchal Yadav2

1. Associate Professor, GSRM College of Nursing-Lucknow

 2 Bsc Nursing Intern, GSRM of Nursing- Lucknow 

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Background of the Study:Globally, breast cancer is one of the most common cancer among females of age group 15-40 years. India is also one of the leading countries of breast cancer. It is found that incidence rate of breast cancer is higher in less developing countries in comparison to development country. In 2018, worldwide, nearly 2 million new breast cancer cases were diagnosed. Early diagnosis of breast cancer can increase the chance of early case detection and favorable outcomes, resulting in improved survival rates and quality of life of women and is therefore important public health strategy at all settings [2]. Several studies suggests that even though the incidence and mortality of breast cancer have been on the increase, the knowledge and awareness regarding the breast cancer is low among college students. Therefore, this study was conducted to assess knowledge and awareness among college students about breast cancers in Lucknow

Materials & Methods: Descriptive research design was selected for this study. Target population includes the female students         studying in the selected colleges of Lucknow. 87 female students were selected through non-probability, purposive sampling techniques. Data was gathered using a self-administered semi structured questionnaire.

Results: Overall results of this study show that, 34 (39.08%) female students had adequate knowledge, 49 (56.32%) female students had moderately inadequate knowledge, and 04 (4.59%) female students had inadequate knowledge.

Conclusion: Findings of this study revealed that knowledge of breast cancer among female college students was inadequate.

Keywords: Breast Cancer, College Students, Knowledge

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