Research Article: A Descriptive Study to Assess the Impact of Mobile Phone Usage on Human Behaviour Among Under Graduate Students of Lucknow


 Young Nurses Journal of Research. November 2021, 1(2), 15-20

 Nidhi Rao1, Amardeep Paul 2, Aradhana Verma2, Dolly Prajapati2, Kanchan Chauhan2, Manju Yadav2, Netoo Sachan2, Sunita Yadav

 1Assistant Professor, St. Mary’s College of Nursing, Lucknow ,2BSc Nursing Interns, St. Mary’s College of Nursing, Lucknow

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Background of the study: Students were found to use mobile phone excessively. The pattern of mobile phones uses among the students may signal the evaluation of mobile phones use from a habit to an addiction.[5] Usages of mobile phones adversely affect student concentration, psychosocial wellbeing and their physiological health which are areas that need attention. The problem is that the use of mobile phone among students has become a habit.[3] Research shows that there is a difference between students’ performance and commitment to academics in lecture rooms from those who use mobile phones during lecture, inattentiveness, and non- participation in academic assignments or field work.[7] Findings of a study indicates that mobile phones play a large part in the daily life of medical student. Therefore, its impact on psychological and health should be discussed among the students to prevent the harmful effects of mobile phones use.[8] Objective of this study is to assess the impact of mobile phone usage on behavior change among undergraduate students and to find out the association between the impact of mobile phone usage on behavior change among undergraduate students with the selected demographic variable.

Materials and Methods: Descriptive research design was utilized in this study. Through non discriminative snow ball sampling technique 100 undergraduate students of different disciplines like medical, engineering, agricultural and other science were selected for this study. Self-administered online questionnaire was used to gather the data from the participants. Descriptive and inferential statistics was used to analyze the data.

Results: Impact of mobile phones among 1% of undergraduate students is mild, 94% of undergraduate students had moderate impact and remaining 5% of them reported that the impact of mobile phone on their human behavior is severe. The overall mean impact score was 91.21 and obtained SD was 22.34.

Conclusion: Results of this study shows that the usage of mobile phone has moderate to severe impact among the behavior of the undergraduate students. Though the need of mobile phone is inevitable there needs to be a balance between time spent with these devices, and without them. Without a set balance, people will continue to become more obsessed and consumed by technology, and there is a concern that humans will lose all closeness and affection that can come from personalized conversations. 

Keywords: Human Behavior, Impact, Mobile Phone, Undergraduate Students

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